Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fabric Paper Mache Eggs

I am not really a big fan of dyeing Easter eggs. Maybe it is because it is not something I grew up doing (I don't think I actually dyed my first egg until I was well into my 20s...) or maybe it is because pre-schooler + toddler + dye = colossal mess that I will spend days trying to clean up. And, plastic eggs are the bane of my existence for most of the year because they have a tendency to end up in halves all over the place, and they are really painful to step on. But, I do love the bright colors of Easter eggs and I love a good Easter egg hunt.

It was actually my hunt for a plastic egg alternative that led to the creation of the Treasure Eggs I sell in my Etsy shop, but those are fairly big and better suited for baskets than egg hunts. So, when I came across this post on the Moda Bake Shop for Bunny Eggs (fabric covered paper mache eggs) by Angela Yosten I was so excited - A project I could do with Miss M AND a solution to my plastic egg problem!

This is actually a fairly quick project, and another great one for using up fabric scraps. I went through my scrap bag and cut scraps into small pieces that were about 1" big for my daughter. For the eggs I worked on, I used some Moda Honeybun strips that I cut in half width-wise (so they were about .75" wide) and then cut those into strips that were about 2"long. I got out the Mod Podge, put down some protective coverings on our kitchen table and we were ready to go.

At first she was a little hesitant to get the glue on her hands, but after I assured her that it would wash off fairly easily she got into it a bit more.

She worked a lot faster than I did and got 4 done in the time it took me to do 2. Granted our styles were a little different...

And here are our finished products!

 Baby Sis woke up from her nap, so we had to wrap things up. But it was a fun, quick little project. I actually really enjoyed the process of making my eggs. I found it quite relaxing, and it gave me an idea for this month's EtsyKids Design Challenge ...

Miss M did say to me at the end that she needed more lessons because hers didn't look like mine. I told her we each have our own way of doing things, and that if she wants hers to look more like mine she has to be willing to get her hands a bit more dirty and sticky next time. She asked if she could just paint hers with paint instead of with fabric then.  Elbow deep in the mud or sand and she is happy as a clam, a little glue on the fingers though ... she is a funny kid.
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