Where in the world...

Having traveled to over 18 countries myself, I thought it would be fun to keep track of where in the world Snuggly Monkey items have been shipped to. Every time I ship an item to a new country I will come back and update these maps.
1. USA
2. Canada
3. Mexico
4. Brazil
5. Chile
6. Norway
7. The Netherlands
8. Belgium
9. Germany
10. Switzerland
11. Spain
12. Isreal
13. Greece
14. Italy
15. Singapore
16. Hong Kong
17. Australia
18. United Kingdom
19. France
20. ...
Do you know anyone in Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia or Vermont that you can refer to my shop?

If you live there or know anyone that does and they make a purchase that ships to one of those 5 states you can earn yourself a $5 Gift Certificate to Snuggly Monkey just for sending them over. {To earn your gift certificate, just ask your friend to write your name and email address and "Referred by:" in the "Notes to Sender" at check out}

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