Monday, May 23, 2011

One of my favorite things...

I am a big fan of online shopping. I love the convenience - that I can search for what I want/need at any hour of the day from the privacy of my own home, but it is usually a very impersonal experience. I really enjoy the experience of shopping in small, independent, locally-owned shops that have lots of interesting little things, run by friendly shop keepers. So, for me, Etsy is a lovely combination of the conveniences of online shopping with a more personal shopping experience.

One of my favorite things is the attention to detail that most Etsians put into their packages. I get so excited when I receive one of my Etsy orders, not only because I am looking forward to the actual item that I ordered but because more often that not I've received these lovely little packages that were put together with thought and care. Shop owners often include little gifts too. Here is just a sample of some of the little goodies I've received in recent months.

Rachel from Whimsy Needles sent this fabulous little facial scrubbie when I ordered some acrylic dish scrubbies from her shop:

Andrea from Lindsay's Whimsies Tutus sent along this sweet little handwritten note and a couple of hairclips to start off my daughter's personalized bow holder that I ordered from her.

And Susan, a very warm and friendly shop owner and fellow North Carolinian, from Mulberry Patchworks sent along these cute notes and tags when I ordered a cute little piggy pendant from her. And , Pam from PK fabrics sent this super cute matchbook notepad when I ordered some gnome fabric from her shop.

I've always been a believer in the old saying that "it is the small things that matter." I appreciate it when a shop owner takes a few extra minutes to wrap my item with care and send along a small token of their appreciation for my business. This is something I really try to keep in mind when I am packaging up orders from my shops. I want my customers to know how much I appreciate their orders and that it means a lot to me that they support my work. So, here is a big thanks to all the wonderful Etsians that are working hard to add a personal touch to the world of online shopping!

Who are some of your favorite Etsy shop owners??


Morgan said...

Such wonderful personal touches! :)
Visiting from SITS :)

Jeannette said...

I am with you! I love Etsy! I've been spoiled by the unique products and fantastic customer service!

Thanks for dropping by The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug - I'm so glad you did so that I could find your cute blog and fabulous shop! I'm a follower now!


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